There aren’t nearly as many safety options for mobile machinery as industrial machinery. But, two of the safety devices we have available to integrate into mobile hydraulic systems are velocity fuses and flow limiters. Here’s a description of what they are, how they work and when to apply them.

Eaton has changed the design of their pressure flow compensator (load sense) for their X20 Series open loop piston pumps (220 / 420 / 620). Cross Company reviews the changes and simplifies the technical language so you can make the best decision for your machine.

Most, if not all, air conditioners on mobile equipment are driven by hydraulic motors. The one requirement is the hydraulic motor that is connected to the air condition compressor needs turn at a constant RPM regardless of engine RPM. There are three common ways to accomplish this feat.

For flow dividers, what used to require a bulky pair of mechanically linked gear motors has been shrunken down to a cartridge valve. In this blog, we’ll talk about the differences between two flow divider styles and the considerations that need to made to avoid the pain of an incorrect application.

Pressure compensated hydraulic systems are becoming more popular due to their high efficiencies. These systems run great when properly applied but there are things you should know before you run a pressure compensated system.

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