Hydraulic & Control Solutions to Optimize Your Machine Design & Performance

Hydraulics & Control Machine Design

The Hydraulics Group from Cross Company utilizes the latest in hydraulic and electronic control technologies to assist our Original Equipment Manufacturers in the development of their hydraulic intensive machinery. We supply hydraulic components, custom manifolds, electronic controls and custom Systems to our customers. Cross' hydraulic and control solutions are working in both mobile and stationary applications around the world.

Optimizing Hydraulic Solutions & Electronic Controls

New Brochure - Improving Machinery Performance with Customized Hydraulic and Electronic Control Solutions

Combi Coolers Help Optimize Space and Cooling in Mobile Machinery Design

With the Tier IV regulations in full effect, many are finding that engine real estate on mobile machinery is becoming even more rare. Combi...

Perpetual Motion: Horse Power In, Horse Power Out

Paul Badowski reminds you that, no matter what, horse power in = horse power out. Here's the math.
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