Experts in Mobile Systems Integration

Hydraulic & Control Systems Integration

Cross Company’s Mobile Hydraulic & Control Systems Group solves the most challenging applications with expertise in both hydraulic and electronic control system design. We work with our customers to develop highly efficient solutions to optimize mobile equipment performance.

Stop Hydraulic Shock with Soft Shift Hydraulic Control Valves

Hydraulic shock is a common issue in high pressure hydraulic systems. One method of preventing Hydraulic Shock is to use soft shift control...

About EATON's DG4V-3M Directional Valves

Early valves were often quite bulky, heavy, and not very well suited to the shock, vibration, and wet and dusty conditions in which mobile...

Prevent Hydraulic Pump Cavitation by Supercharging the Pump Inlet

Pump cavitation is one of the most common forms of hydraulic pump failure. If not fixed, this can result in pump failure. Learn to diagnose...
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